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Web Elements

These days, websites feature almost anything your imagination can conceive. Videos, custom buttons, animations, advertising banners, pop-up windows and more. You name it, ScuttleBird can do it.

Don't see it here? Just ask!

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  • Videos
  • Animations
  • Banner Ads
  • Scrolling Displays
  • Favicons
  • Custom Buttons
  • Illustrations & Charts

ScuttleBird has written and produced a number of cool videos

To watch this video, click here...

Sometimes animation is the best way to sell your product.

To watch this example, click here...

Banner ads come in a variety of sizes and styles,
from simple GIF screen-motion to fully-animated Flash dislays.

To see this banner ad in action, click here...

Scrolling displays often feature text and photos with embedded links or actions.

To see this example live, click here...

"Favicons" are those nifty little icons that appear in the browser window next to
your domain name. We will include a custom Favicon at your request.

In this example, the navigation buttons are animated
and they're made to look like antique photos.

To see it live, click here...

Sometimes, the only way you can get your point across
is with the perfect illustration, chart or graph.

To see this example on the website, click here...