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Facebook Pages

Apparently, Facebook is a big deal.

More and more companies are expanding their presence in the marketplace by requesting custom Facebook designs that mirror the look and feel of their home websites.

Some go even farther. They want a custom Facebook App where visitors can play games, collect coupons, enter contests and more.

You're in luck. ScuttleBird is in the business of building Facebook apps and designs and linking them to your main website.

Better yet we can recommend our very own "Blogging-Facebook-Twitter Guru." She knows how to plan, write and manage all of your social media needs.

With ScuttleBird, even the sky isn't the limit.

Client:Teri Byrd, DVM
Details:We designed the Timeline graphic for Teri Byrd as an extention of her main website.
Client:Mona Hodgson
Details:Facebook Timeline graphic for author Mona Hodgson, a client of
Client:Rececca Olmstead
Details:We were contracted by to create this Timeline graphic
Client:Davis Bunn, author
Details:We created this Facebook Timeline graphic to compliment Davis' main website.