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Digital Photography

You've heard the expression "a picture is worth a thousand words?" It's true.

They can also be dangerous. If pictures can "talk", what are your pictures saying about your business? If you post blurry, low-quality photos on your site will they turn off your customers? Are your photos sending the wrong message about your products and services?

Let's be honest. Do your pictures stink?

Wouldn't it be nice if your web design company offered professional digital photography services that were convenient and affordable? What if they sent someone out to your location to shoot great photos of your products, your people and your facility? What if they had a library with thousands of low-cost, royalty free digital photos from which you could choose?

Guess what, ScuttleBird does.

Client:Oh So Trick
Details:Photo shoot for author's "About Us" page.
Client:Stafford Care
Details:Series of photos illustrating the staff and residents at a senior living facility.
Client:Brownie Boulevard
Details:Food photo shoot for bakery
Details:Thermaline engineers and constructs large heat exchanger units for food processing.
Client:Ostrom Management
Details:Our client needed a photo for the Profile page of their site, showing two generations of the family business.
Client:Pacific Machine
Details:Photo series of fabricated metal parts.
Client:McCann Auto Service Center
Details:The client needed a photo of the auto repair team.
Client:Jewel Box Cafe
Details:The Jewel Box offers delicious treats and unique coffees.
Client:D and B Trucking
Details:The client requested a photo shoot showing their fleet of trucks.
Client:Go Bakery
Details:We shot a series of photos to illustrate the bakery's line of cakes and confections.
Client:Personal Portfolio
Details:Sunset over Oahu
Client:Personal Portfolio
Details:Irish village life, just outside Bunratty Castle
Client:Personal Portfolio
Details:Blonde boy in park
Client:Personal Portfolio
Details:My grandson, Rand
Client:Personal Portfolio
Details:Daughter Bree and Daughter Faith at my daughter Brandy's wedding
Client:Personal Portfolio
Details:Daughter Bree, in the elevator at the Getty Museum, Los Angeles
Client:Personal Portfolio
Details:Lighthouse at Fort Warden, Washington