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Website Design

A great website balances two competing but equally important priorities: Form versus Function. Your website needs to look fantastic, but it also needs to function properly. What good is it to have a site that's cool to look at, but doesn't work like it should?

ScuttleBird does not use cookie-cutter templates to design your site. We develop a custom website, based on your criteria and budget limitations, with a trained eye focused on your target audience.

You'll also get all the latest technological bells and whistles, whatever you need, as you need them. You can include them as part of your original project, or they can be added as modules over time, in a Phase 1, 2, 3 approach. You can pay as you go as your website continues to grow and evolve over time.

Client:Small Business Advantage
Details:As a Responsive Design, this website conforms to different screen sizes, from full size desktops to smartphones.
Client:Zucchini's Cooking Store
Details:Responsive programming allows this website to be viewed on various screen sizes - a must as more and more consumers transition to mobile computing.
Client:Pleasant Valley Christian Camp
Details:The camp needed a new logo, a new website and a complete marketing program. We did it all.
Client:Holman Cahill Attorneys
Details:This client wanted their website to work on desktops, tablets and smartphones. In addition, we performed an on-site photo shoot of their staff and building.
Client:Thermaline, Inc.
Details:Thermaline builds heat exchangers for dairy, beverage and food processing industries
Client:Real Life Counseling
Details:The responsive programming used for this site creates a seamless transition from desktops, tablets, and smartphone screen sizes.
Client:Cheep Art
Details:Great theater. Cheap price.
Client:Dee Braman
Details:Blogging Bistro contracted us to design this fun Word Press site, including two logos, signage and other promotional materials
Client:Teri Byrd, DVM
Details:Dr. Byrd specializes in cats and dogs.
Client:Holmquist & Gardiner, PLLC
Details:This website features an elegant home page animation that introduces visitors to the law partnership and its areas of practice
Client:Laura Christianson
Details:The Blogging Bistro offers expert social media services.
Client:Advantage Graphics, Inc
Details:Company specializes in digital color printing and mailing services.
Client:Renton Christian School
Details:RCS is a Christian School offering the highest standards of education from Pre K - 8th grades, plus their newest initiative, an online high school.
Client:Gilbert Morris
Details:We're proud of this one - designing a website for America's favorite Christian author.
Client:Anderson & Mitchell, PLLC
Details:Seattle area law firm specializing in Maritime law.
Client:Peter Schneider
Details:Specializing in business law, personal injury and estate planning.
Client:Davis Bunn
Details:Christian author whose genres include: suspense/thriller, romance and Biblical fiction.
Client:Blogging Bistro
Details:We designed this beautiful Wordpress site on behalf of, one of our favorite clients.
Client:Clean-Shot, Inc.
Details:E-commerce site that sells laser equipped arrows and accessories.
Client:D&B Trucking
Details:Tacoma-based trucking and storage company.
Client:Mitate Homes
Details:Northwest builder that fuses the best of Pan-Pacific and Western design.
Client:Stafford Suites
Details:Stafford provides senior living apartments and short and long-term rehabilitation services.
Client:Marine View Espresso
Details:Delicious coffee, in the heart of Des Moines, overlooking the waterfront.
Client:Booth Escrow
Details:Offering escrow services to the greater King County area.
Client:Hochman Legal
Details:Legal firm that helps homeowners avoid foreclosure and bankruptcy.
Client:Randolph Lake, DDS
Details:Family dental practice located in the Renton Highlands.
Client:Nowen N. Particular
Details:Children's author with two published books.
Client:Greenway & Co.
Details:Specializing in tax compliance and business consulting services.
Client:Blogging Bistro
Details:This Wordpress website is managed by, one of our favorite clients.