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What exactly is a ScuttleBird?

The first part of the name comes from the old Navy expression "scuttlebutt". It connotes "information exchanged informally between people standing around a water cooler." In fact, even to this day military personnel refer to a drinking fountain as a scuttlebutt.

The "bird" part of the name has to do with communication. Birds have been used since ancient times as a dependable method of sending messages over long distances very quickly.

Taking these two "old" ideas, we combined them into one new concept: A website design company that unites the power of social interraction with the speed of the Internet - an unbeatable combination for promoting your business. Spread the word with ScuttleBird.

Marty Longé, Head Birdbrain

As the Graphic Designer for ScuttleBird and the parent company, Umbrella Graphics, Marty has been involved with graphic design and marketing for more than 30 years. He has designed more than 250 logos in his career, written hundreds of brochures, managed thousands of printing projects, and brought a number of products to market, including package design, advertising campaigns, and production and fulfillment.

He specializes in helping start-up companies create an identity from start to finish, establishing a market presence through all forms of media, especially web and print media. A talented illustrator, cartoonist and published author*, Marty will make a careful study of your products and services and devise a strategy to promote your company while respecting your budget and time constraints.

* Marty has written a children's book called "Boomtown", published under the pseudonym Nowen N. Particular. Follow this link to see it.